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TMVS, LLC – Quality Repairs at Affordable Prices

TMVS offers quality repairs at affordable prices. We have been repairing medical equipment for the Veterinary community for 20+ years.

We are one of the few repair companies left that replace individual components on boards and sub-assemblies when possible rather than replacing the entire board.  By doing this level of repair, we keep our costs lower than those of our competitors, ensuring the quality of repair you receive.

If you are faced with equipment needing repair, let us repair it instead of just throwing it away!  We repair most equipment used in the veterinary field. We could possibly save you the expense of having to purchase a new piece of equipment.

We offer onsite installation and upgrades of many types of equipment and hardware such as:  Digital Radiography and Oxygen Administration (equipment mounting and re-installation). In addition we have added two new onsite services:  anesthesia machine servicing and calibration and X-ray generator………………….





I started using TMVS many years ago when my Aloka 900 trans-rectal probe was almost pulled in two pieces by my one of my patients. I was directed to TMVS by my ultrasound salesperson as either an option for repair or a reasonably price replacement. Lee was able to repair the probe and I still use it today! After that I started giving him all my equipment for repair and servicing: light source for vaginal exams, microscopes, clippers, centrifuges and the list goes on!!

Dr. Pam Walker, Camelid Care Veterinary Services