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The TMVS team has 100+ years combined in the electronic/electrical mechanical service field. We pride ourselves in giving our clients 100%, keeping open communications with our clients to ensure no surprises. In 1998 TMVS started out as a component level repair facility for Ultrasound equipment. Within a short time TMVS evolved and starting accepting other types of equipment for repair. In early 2000 TMVS engineered, developed a proto-type and started manufacturing small animal radiography systems. At that time TMVS saw the need for affordable repairs and began working on all equipment used in a Veterinary office. This led to establishment of relationships with many manufactures that has allowed us to adopt our motto “Quality Repairs at Affordable Prices”.

TMVS repairs equipment that other companies have declared “unrepairable” or too costly to repair. These same companies then advise the purchase of new equipment as a solution. TMVS accepts these challenges and believes it is what separates us from other repair companies. We want to help the clients maintain their equipment and keep the repair costs to a minimum allowing them to get the most from their equipment. A further goal is to educate our clients on how regular maintenance and proper usage can extended the life of their equipment and kept the future repair costs down.

TMVS has worked with many Veterinarians to manufacture new or modify existing equipment to make their jobs easier. Here are some of TMVS’s innovative manufacturing solutions to problems posed by Veterinarians:  an Aloka remote hand freeze from a foot freeze model, an Aloka remote hand store button, Grid Holders in the transition stage from film radiographs to Digital Radiography at The Ohio State University. TMVS has helped the Cincinnati Zoo “CREW” with their research on Indian Rhinoceros Estrous Cycle. With the help of TMVS the “CREW” team was able to extend the length of the ultrasound probe needed for them to conduct their reproductive research on Indian rhinoceros.  (Article “Follicular, endocrine and behavioral dynamics of the Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) oestrous cycle “ REPRODUCTION The Journal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility.)