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Pulse Magnetic Therapy

Pulse Magnetic Therapy has been used in Europe and the United States in the Veterinary field since the 1970’s. Magnetic therapy use has been dated back to Egyptian culture to promote healing, alleviation of pain and encourage calmness in stressful situations.  The technology has been constantly upgraded to keep current with modern demands.

By use of specific pulse frequencies, Pulse Magnetic Therapy takes advantage of the ability to have deeper penetration, which increases the effect. This pulsing enables the lines of flux to penetrate up to 18 inches into sore muscles, fractured bones, joint inflammation, torn tendons, resulting in faster healing time.

Horse trainers are using our Pulse Magnetic Therapy technology to prevent injuries and heal a variety of injuries in their race horses.  It is common to find our Gold Boot II at most of the race tracks in the US.  Horses that were diagnosed with lameness and recommended to stop training were able to resume training in half the time after using the Gold Boot II or other Pulse Magnetic Therapy devices (blanket, hoof unit).

In addition, farriers like to use our Farrier pack. The unit is placed across the throat latch area to induce calmness while being shod. It works by using the Pulse Magnetic Therapy to increase oxygenation of the blood going to the brain, thus causing a euphoric effect in the horse enabling it to stand still for the farrier.

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